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​Psycho-Education Office

​To increase your well-being

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The Office

We offer support people in Fez, Morocco, and beyond so that they and their children can thrive. If you feel burdened by your past, by what you are currently experiencing, or by what might happen, our services will help you regain peace of mind, harmony, and confidence to move forward serenely.


At our office (or online), you will find two psychologists, a neuropsychologist, a speech therapist, and a psychomotor therapist, all dedicated to helping you enhance your well-being.

​Our Expertise

​Psychotherapy and Coaching

​Free yourself from your personal, couple or family worries in order to better enjoy life now and for a long time to come.

Caring Parenting

​To give a good start in life, during pregnancy, at birth or while breastfeeding or to raise children well and maintain good family relationships.


​To better understand your brain and improve your cognitive functioning and promote your academic and social success.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

​The ability to communicate well orally and in writing allows us to better integrate into the world around us.

Psychomotor skills

​Move, orient yourself, understand your body and the world in order to feel good there.

Nos expertises

“The firm aims to develop the field of possibilities women and children.”



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