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Geneviève Lepage

Geneviève Lepage, Ph.D. 

​I have a doctorate in psychology, I did a postdoctoral fellowship in psychoeducation and I also trained in perinatal care. In addition, I am a practitioner of EMDR, a scientifically recognized psychotherapeutic technique for the treatment of psychological trauma (small or large). As a psychologist and psychotherapist, my approach essentially consists of prevention rather than cure, that is to say, promoting the development of your power to act and your fulfillment. However, my support also consists of enabling you to overcome past difficulties, in order to better benefit from the present and grow in the future.


​For children, adolescents or adults with anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, physical or sexual aggression, phobia, stress, trauma, identity disorders... ​ Psychotherapy and EMDR therapy (children, adolescents, adults) Coaching Psychoeducation Guidance in caring parenting Perinatal support Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding

Online or in-office consultations from Monday to Friday

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