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Meryeme Benaddou

Meryeme Benaddou

​I am Meryeme Benaddou, your psychomotor therapist (أخصائية نفسي حركي). Psychomotor skills consist of rehabilitating patients with neuro-psychological difficulties which manifest themselves physically: coordination defects, difficulties in spatial location, graphics, nervous tics, balance disorders, psychomotor delay, concentration problems, etc. For our profession, psychological balance comes through the body. ​ To carry out this work, I base myself on my three years of training at the Higher Institute of Nursing and Health Techniques in Rabat, from which I hold a state diploma in rehabilitation/rehabilitation, psychomotor option, as well as as my work experience in specialized centers and hospitals. ​ I acquired a variety of skills in different departments (Neurology / Geriatrics / Child psychiatry / Neonatology...) and with different ages or disorders (Down syndrome / Autism / Learning Disability / ADHD...). To this know-how I combine my interpersonal skills with my relational qualities of attention and listening which facilitates my intervention with children with mental and emotional motor difficulties, taking care of them as a whole. ​ I attach importance to understanding and supporting the child and their family at all stages of the process. These steps consist of carrying out an in-depth assessment in order to identify the origin and nature of the disorders, assess one's psychomotor abilities on different levels, establish a care plan, then lead motor rehabilitation sessions: tracing, graphics, cutting, bodily activities and gymnastics, relaxation, musical or artistic activities, skill exercises with hoops, balls, etc. ​ The effectiveness of the treatment depends largely on the relationship between the child, the parents and the therapist and for this purpose, you can count on all my kindness and patience. ​ We look forward to welcoming you and your child! Meryeme Benaddou


For children, adolescents or adults with psychomotor delay, academic difficulties, autism, stroke, intellectual disability, Down syndrome, screen addiction, dysgraphia, dyslexia, dysorthography, dyspraxia, etc. ​ Psychomotor assessment Re-education Graphomotority Relaxation Parental guidance Early stimulation

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