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Chaimae Ngad

Chaimae Ngad

​I am your Speech Therapist at the Grandir Center. I have a professional license in Speech Therapy from the Higher Institute of Nursing and Health Techniques in Rabat. My career has allowed me to develop my listening and observation skills as well as solid knowledge concerning the precursors of communication (particularly in the child-adult relationship), the assessment and management of different disorders. I am familiar with public institutions (hospitals and health centers) where I have been able to appreciate working in a multidisciplinary team with a diverse patient base. This will be further enhanced within the team of psychologists at the Center Grandir. ​ My goal as a speech therapist is to enable the patient to continue their development by improving their oral or written skills, and by supporting them in the implementation of specific tools or positive and adapted learning strategies. ​ It is with great pleasure that I will meet you and that of your children at the Center Grandir office where I will listen to you wholeheartedly.


For children, adolescents or adults with autism, deafness, intellectual disability, Down syndrome, language delay, oral or written language disorder, articulation difficulty, stuttering, swallowing disorder, laryngectomy, dysgraphia, dyslexia, dysphasia, dysphonia... ​ Speech therapy assessment Re-education Parental guidance Early stimulation

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