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Couples and family therapy

Conflicts are normal in a couple; living well with oneself is not always easy, so imagine together the challenges that this represents in terms of communication, expression of one's needs, respect for those of the other, agreement on common objectives and the means to achieve them. If you are looking to be better and get along with your spouse or the father of your children, sometimes family can help. However, as a neutral and objective person, a psychologist will often be able to better guide you on how to take care of yourself to take care of others, and how to communicate in a non-violent way to respect each other. ​ Family interactions are the most influential in a person's developmental trajectory. Relationships with those close to us are precious, but sometimes complex. ​It sometimes happens that alliances between certain members are formed or that some perceive that others have a bias. During the consultations, our role is to create a discussion circle where everyone can express themselves freely. External and neutral regarding your issues, we will invite you to let others know your needs and wishes, but also to listen to theirs. The objective is to restore the climate of trust and harmony in the family system so that each member can flourish.

​Examples of reasons for consultation

​Before consulting, you could for example ask yourself:

​How can I communicate better in my relationship?

How can we spend more quality time together?

How to build joint projects that are satisfying for everyone?

How to promote a fair distribution of tasks?

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​What can we do together to support a sick loved one?

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